New Zealand


Well, it is Sunday evening, about 10:30 pm local time. We got back from camp in Wanganui this afternoon. It was really neat to see the other two teams and see how they were doing. We all had lots of similar stories to tell about rejections at the door and strange people had met…the success stories were fun, too, of course… just not as interesting :)

It is quite different to be at a camp with a very significant portion of the Christians in an entire nation, and still not even come close to the size of Camp Kalos. Friday night we enjoyed getting to know each other and a devotional. Saturday morning was letterboxing Wanganui, which didn’t take too long since we had probably 70 people working. The afternoon was filled with injury-prone rugby games, hikes at the beach with waterfalls running into the ocean, and a trip to town to souveneir shop. We had worship and Bible study together at camp this morning, as well.

This week is five full days of door knocking, our last full week in New Zealand. Rachel and I have a Bible study with a family we met set up for Tuesday evening, and there are two more planned from other teams on Monday. We’ve had a great response to the book offer we’ve been distributing, and things really are going well. We just have to survive the rest of the door slams, now! :) We’ve managed so far…it will be a good and productive week, I’m sure.

Have a great Sunday!